"Be in love with your life,
every minute of it"

Jack Kerouac

 Daily Practice

*Live fully in the here and now
*Appreciate the simple things in life
*Take responsibility for the unfolding of your destiny

Namaste, bring peace and joy with you wherever you travel! 

603 Hemlock, Suite 3C Brookings, Oregon

Visana Yoga

(541)  254-0485

Please contact Lynn at lynnmhart@msn.com

Awaken your mind, body and spirit through
a mindful practice of yoga, breathing and relaxation.

     Welcome to

    Visana Yoga

Visana Yoga 
 603 Hemlock Street, Suite 3C 
look for the three-story green building behind  The Health Shop located on Railroad Avenue.
Elevator access available from the Hemlock Street entrance.

All Classes are up and running on Zoom.us!  

Here is how you join a class:

1.  Download zoom.us on your computer.  This is free.  You do not need to upgrade.

2.  Go to visanayoga.com to schedule page and copy or cut and paste th9 digit code in red displayed after the class you want to attend.

3.  On your zoom screen ask to join a class.  Enter this 9 digit code.  You will be asked to sign in.  This gives us a roster of who is in class.

We will finish passes that are in progress then you can purchase a new pass using the methods below.         

Please pay ahead each month and know your date for paying.  Like the first of the  month.  

To pay:

Download cash app on your smartphone.  You will need to put a debit card or bank card in.  Then pay to $visanayoga.  The cash will immediately go from your account to visana account.

If you do not have a smartphone you can use paypal.  Pay to 5412540485.  Visana yoga should come up on yur screen.  There is a fee I pay to paypal for this service.

If neither of these work for you please contact me by email.

Here is what you can do now:
Create a space in your home, preferably one with a nice view, that you can leave your mat and props. If possible find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed while you practice.  This can be used for sitting quietly for meditation and to find calm and breathe anytime during the day or night.
For most classes you will need a mat, blocks, a strap, a blanket, and a chair for chair class.
Order blocks online now (preferably 4 inch)  Most of you have mats and blankets and could use a belt or towel for a strap. 

Times of stress and challenge is a great time to commit to your yoga practice

The weather is changing from sun to rain to fog and back again

Don't let lethargy or fear keep you from your practice

Yoga will help you feel more at ease in body and mind

Mood and feelings of ease improve when you stay committed to your own health and well being

Stay present and out of fear based mind!

Spend time outdoors as much as possible