All Levels Yoga 

This all levels class is designed to help you restore your energy, reset your mind and energize your body. Join us for a class integrating traditional yoga postures with creative flows, conscious breathing, stretching and relaxation.  Level 1-2

Yoga for Strength 

This class is for people who have been practicing yoga or another strong exercise.  More emphasis on arm strength and inversions.  Not for beginners.   Level 2+

Chair Yoga/Bones and Balance

Focuses on moving all of our joints, stretching and breathing from a chair and with standing and balancing poses using the chair for balance.   Increases balance, strength and stamina.   This class does not get down on the floor.  Good for people with joint replacements/issues, back pain, or generalized stiffness or balance issues.    Level 1

Yoga Level 1-2

Focuses on moving through postures with safe alignment.   We will work with the breath, building strength and flexibility. 

This class welcomes all levels of students but is challenging with lots of variety.   Level 1-2

Happy Adult Yoga

This class is for adults 50+ who are able to sit on the floor and get up without assistance.   Floor exercises are followed by standing and balance work.  This is fun class with lots of laughter. Level 1+

Kids/Teen Yoga (not currently offered)

This class exposes children & young adults to the various benefits of yoga practice. In this class, we will explore the 8 limbs of yoga, including a physical yoga practice. The class will be 8 sessions and recommended for children & young adults ages 8-15. Classes are interactive and fun, bringing students together with music, games, art, and stories.  All activities are designed to build inner & outer strength in a challenging and playful manner. Activities are designed to enhance strength, confidence, self-esteem, and community - and to have fun while doing so!

Gentle Yoga

Come experience the joy of yoga.  Learn poses with detailed instruction.  Build strength and flexibility while you learn to breath fully.  Leave feeling relaxed and restored.  Level 1-2

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a yoga practice of poses focused on lengthening the connective tissue (fascia)  surrounding the hip joints and lower spine. The poses are geared toward spinal & hip movement, shoulder, & knee articulation, and the release of tension and compression to optimizing the mobility.
Yin yoga is practiced at a slower pace, using props, holding the poses longer with less muscular effort. Each pose will be held 2-5 minutes. Class sequencing may include Yinyasa (flow), Yin and Restorative poses.

POWER Yoga (not currently offered)

For students who have been practicing yoga and are familiar with the yoga asanas who want to work on arm strength, inversions and Master Poses.  This is a powerful class that will push your limits.  Level 2-3

Restorative Yoga

The purpose of Restorative Yoga is to induce a state of deep relaxation in the body. The mind, through awareness of the breath, is calmed and pacified inducing a state of peace.
We use familiar props such as bolsters, blankets, straps and eye pillows.  When the body is supported it can release and relax fully.



An opportunity to  cultivate mindfulness for everyday life.  Begins with a reading or teaching and discussion.  24 minute silent meditation with instruction for those new to meditation.  A supportive environment to learn and discuss our practice sitting and in life.

Private instruction available on request.


Class Description

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