Please contact Lynn at

603 Hemlock, Suite 3C Brookings, Oregon

(541)  254-0485

Visana Yoga

Class Schedule


10:15-11:15a  Meditation   (Free)
11:30-1:00p  All Levels Yoga  Level 1-2  Babs
1:30-2:40  Happy Adult Yoga Level 1+  Lynn

530-630  Bones and Balance  Level 1  Christine


10:00-11:15  Yoga Level 1-2  Karli

12-100p Chair Yoga  Level 1 Lynn

4-515p  Yoga for Strength  Level 2+  Lynn

5:30-6:40  All Levels Yoga Level 1-2  Karli


11:30-1:00p  All Levels Yoga  Level 1-2 Babs

2-3p  Yin Yoga  Level 1+ Karli 

530-630p  Flow and Restore  Level 1  Christine

10:00-11:15  Yoga Level 1-2  Karli 

12-100p Chair Yoga  Level 1 Lynn

1:30-2:40p  Happy Adult Yoga  Level 1+  Lynn

4-515p Yoga for Strength Level 2+  Lynn

5:30-6:40p  All Levels Yoga Level 1-2 Karli 


11:30-1:00p  Gentle Yoga Level 1+  Babs

530-630p  Yin Yoga Level 1+  Christine


1130-1:00p  Vinyasa Flow Yoga  Level 1-2  Babs

Sunday . 1st Sunday of each month

3-415p Restorative Yoga $12

Limited to 10 students (sign up and pre pay in studio)